PA Counterdrug Training Center Receives Accreditation with Excellence 
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NCTC Receives third CALEA accreditation 
NCTC receives third CALEA accreditation. (Courtesy photo/Released)

Harrisburg – The Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, headquartered at Fort Indiantown Gap, Lebanon County, recently received its third accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).

In addition, the center was awarded CALEA’s elite “Accreditation with Excellence” status for its history of flawless on-site assessments.

The Lebanon County facility is one of only 24 accredited Public Safety Training Centers across the nation. Not only is the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center one of the first to achieve the excellence accreditation, it is also CALEA’s sole example of military-operated civilian law-enforcement training academies.

During the accreditation process, the center was described as a dynamic organization that remains vigilant of changing trends and utilizes both the CALEA and military planning processes to meet client training needs. Since its first award in 2006, the center has annual student registrations ranging from 10,000 to 15,000 while maintaining a student satisfaction rating of more than 90 percent.

Lt. Col. Gilbert Durand, the PA Counterdrug Joint Task Force commander and Training Center executive director, said receiving the third accreditation and excellence status is a testament to the hard work of task force members and quality training standards for public safety.

“Everyone in the organization ensures that their particular responsibilities in the accreditation process are executed efficiently and successfully,” Durand said. “This commitment to standardization and unit cohesion is what ensures that the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center remains a center of training excellence.’’

Founded in 1999, the Northeast Counterdrug Training Center is operated by the Pennsylvania National Guard. Its mission is to provide cost-effective training in law enforcement and drug-prevention. It provides all necessary facilities, instruction and support to enhance the capabilities of our law enforcement and homeland security students. For more information, visit

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