Keystone Patch
28th Infantry Division Commanding General's Intent

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Purpose: Increase readiness to conduct state and federal missions.

Key Tasks: Keystone Imperatives

  • Force Management (Readiness Scorecard)
  • Fitness & Resiliency
  • Force Protection (Safety)
  • Supply & Maintenance Discipline
  • Training Management
  • Leader Development
  • Staff Proficiency
  • Gunnery
  • Communicate to Stakeholders

End State
Soldiers are fit, resilient & well trained. Leaders exhibit trust, character, competence, & provide direction. Staffs are technically, tactically, & operationally proficient. Units have high levels of readiness and camaraderie.

The 28th Infantry Division is ready to deploy & execute decisive action!

Every commander is trusted to use disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent without wasting time requesting permission.  Report up as the situation develops.  Request further guidance or support as necessary.  The risk of accepting honest mistakes is worth high levels of initiative.

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