The TAC Qualification Course (TQC) provides the future TAC officer or NCO with the required knowledge and skills essential for the maintenance of the OCS environment. Students of TQC are expected to demonstrate proficiency in all training objectives. In addition to classroom practical exercises, the TAC must devote a certain amount of independent study to read-ahead assignments. The TQC student must accomplish several lessons through his own independent initiatives and validate his understanding of the training objectives with the instructor. Graduates of TQC possess the essential skills and required knowledge to effectively manage the OCS program.

Class Notes:

  • Quarters are available on-site at the 166th Regiment facility starting the night prior to the first day of class for ADT and Thursday night for IDT classes. Students desiring a room at the 166th should contact the S-4 between 0800-1600 (M-F) at 717-861-8831. Linen will be provided. Students will need to bring personal hygiene, towels and comfort items. Billets and mess hall are within 100 meters of the classroom building.

Course Prerequisites: You must be active Army or reserve component enlisted or officer personnel. Soldiers reporting for training must meet the physical standards of AR 600-9. Students may not be on a physical profile. All Soldiers must be a graduate of OBC, ANCOC, or warrant officer basic course. The minimum rank for student attendance is SFC for NCO's, and 1LT or CW2 for officers. A Soldier who is currently one grade below the minimum rank requirements may attend TQC with the approval of his/her BN commander.

Course Contact Information
DSN: 491-2483
COMM: 717-861-2483

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