SGITC Small Group Instructor Training Course

The goal of this course is to train Soldiers on how to instruct Soldiers as a small group leader or facilitator.

This course instructs the Soldier in the areas of applying specified small group methods while developing team building skills and facilitating the group process, developing decision making/problem solving skills, modeling army leader values and applying communication skills.

Class Notes:

  • Make sure you bring a pre-execution checklist
  • Report for in processing NLT 0800 hrs on the first day of the course
  • Classroom uniform is ACU

Course Prerequisites: You must be active Army or reserve component enlisted personnel. Soldiers reporting for training must be physically qualified or possess a valid waiver according to AR 40-501 and meet the physical standards of AR 600-9. All Soldiers must have completed a Total Army Instructor Course (TAITC) or another TRADOC approved instructor training course and be assigned as a group leader/facilitator.

Course Contact Information
DSN: 491-8927
COMM: 717-861-8927

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