13B40 Senior Leader Course

The goal of this course is to train the field artillery cannon platoon sergeant to perform in the rank of SFC. All Soldiers will be trained to perform the duties of a platoon sergeant, gunnery sergeant, or chief of a firing battery. Soldiers will also be trained to assume the duties of the executive officer or platoon leader in their absence.

This course focuses on the duties of the platoon sergeant, gunnery sergeant, and chief of firing battery. These duties include: emplacement of weapons systems, fire control, maintenance, FA ammunition, the mission and duties of the FA battery, fire commands, communications, hasty survey, and land navigation.

Course Prerequisites: You must be active Army or reserve component enlisted personnel selected for attendance by DA (active Army) or recommended by unit commander (reserve component). Soldiers reporting for training must be physically qualified or possess a valid waiver according to AR 40-501 and meet the physical standards of AR 600-9. All Soldiers must be qualified in the 13B MOS. Attending Soldiers must meet the requirements outlined in AR 351-1 and be SSG or SGT on a promotion list. All reporting Soldiers must have completed Phase I ANCOC prior to reporting for Phase II ANCOC. Reserve component personnel attending Phase II ANCOC must have successfully completed Phase I within the past 2 years.

Class Notes:

  • Make sure you bring a properly filled out Pre-Execution Checklist signed by your commander with you to the course
  • The minimum PUHLES score required to attend this course is 111121

Course Contact Information
DSN: 491-8927
COMM: 717-861-8927

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