13B10 MOSQ

The goal of this course is to train Soldiers to perform the duties of a field artillery Cannon Crewman. Soldiers will be trained on the duties of cannon crewman in the field artillery. Soldiers will be required to perform Skill Level 1 tasks in a field artillery howitzer section.

This course will provide the Soldier with the basic skills to include critical combat survival skills and the duties of a Soldier in a field artillery howitzer section. This course will instruct Soldiers in the identification of howitzers, the techniques of handling ammunition, setting fuses, preparing charges, loading and firing howitzers, maintenance, and communications.

Course Prerequisites: You must be active Army or reserve component enlisted personnel. Soldiers reporting for training must be physically qualified or possess a valid waiver according to AR 40-501 and meet the physical standards of AR 600-9. All Soldiers must meet the requirements of AR 611-201 for MOS 13B. Reclassification students must be assigned to, or pending assignment to, a 13B MOS position and not have been previously awarded the 13B MOS.

Class Notes:

  • Make sure you bring a properly filled out Pre-Execution Checklist signed by your commander with you to the course
  • The minimum PUHLES score required to attend this course is 111121

Course Contact Information:
DSN: 491-8927
COMM: 717-861-8927

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